Colorado Oil & Gas Association


Working alongside the Colorado Oil & Gas Association Laurens Group served key audiences with Facebook, Display, Digital Billboard and Direct Out Of Home ads. These ads encouraged people to learn more about the role clean Colorado oil and gas played in the manufacturing of products from outdoor clothing and equipment to healthcare supplies. The team at Laurens Group produced striking content that grabbed the attention of the Denver area.

Major outdoor apparel and equipment companies have long been attacking the oil and gas industry, while simultaneously being one of the industry’s biggest customers. The Colorado Oil & Gas Association came to Laurens Group to bring awareness to that fact and bring attention to the reality that Colorado energy is cleaner, better and safer than energy from almost anywhere else; and is a major component in the products we use everyday.





The digital outreach to Colorado’s Outdoor enthusiasts played a major part in getting out our message about the clean energy produced by our states workers and the role it plays in our everyday lives.

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