Georgians for Broadband


The GA Cable association approached Laurens Group to build a coalition of broadband activists in support of rural high-speed broadband expansion. This group of activists was activated when the Georgia Legislature reconvened and voted on the Georgia Broadband Opportunity Act.

Working in tandem with the GA Cable Association and its member companies, Laurens Group was able to build momentum and support for legislation that will make broadband expansion fair and cost-effective by targeting the right people and producing unique creative that captivated our audience. In the week leading up to the vote on our bill, we activated users online to send over 1,200 emails to Georgia Senators in support of our bill.

What we Accomplished:

  • Created an online community of Georgians who were prompted to take action on the coalition’s behalf in public policy debates. The campaign delivered over 1,200 emails to Georgia Senators in a single week.
  • Delivered over 2.7+ million impressions to Georgians across several platforms using activation messaging supported by advertising dollars.
  • Gained support on complex issues, including pole attachment rates by utilizing engaging creative and appealing messaging leading to 188,000+ advertisement engagements on Facebook alone.


Facebook Engagements


Emails Sent


Impressions Served

This digital advocacy campaign was an internal and effective component of our campaign for supporting this important legislation in Georgia.

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