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The fight for school choice has been a longstanding issue across the United States, and in South Carolina, the urgency increased in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent school closures. Recognizing the significance of this cause, Laurens Group joined forces with My SC Education to spearhead the digital component of the advocacy campaign for SC Opportunity Now. Through a comprehensive and targeted approach, the partnership sought to engage parents of school-aged children in South Carolina, encouraging them to reach out to their lawmakers and voice support for the voucher legislation.

Laurens Group assumed a crucial role as the strategic digital partner for My SC Education in the SC Opportunity Now campaign. Leveraging their expertise in digital marketing and advocacy, Laurens Group devised and executed a multifaceted digital strategy aimed at mobilizing public support and urging policymakers to embrace school choice programs.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution: Laurens Group collaborated closely with My SC Education to formulate a digital plan aligned with campaign objectives. They crafted persuasive messages tailored to parents of school-aged children, ensuring maximum impact.
  • Targeted Advertising Campaigns: Using platforms like Facebook and Display, Laurens Group reached parents directly with compelling ad creatives highlighting the benefits of school choice. They targeted specific demographics and locations to enhance engagement.
  • Echo Model Targeting Strategy: Laurens Group implemented the innovative Echo Model targeting strategy to engage and educate legislators. Personalized content was delivered to key decision-makers, showcasing the advantages of school choice programs.
  • Collaboration and Partnership: Laurens Group maintained a close partnership with My SC Education, fostering a collaborative environment. They actively engaged stakeholders, shared insights, and coordinated efforts for a seamless integration of the digital component with the overall campaign.




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Laurens Group’s expertise and collaboration with My SC Education empowered parents, generated momentum, and led to the successful passage of school choice legislation in South Carolina in 2023. Their strategic planning, targeted advertising, and innovative targeting strategy played a vital role in advocating for educational opportunities for South Carolina families.

School Choice Legislation Passes in 2023

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