University of Florida


Laurens Group challenge was to work with the University of Florida in making their YouTube channel stand out above the other tens of thousands of active higher education YouTube channels. To do this, we needed to create a compelling visual experience, promote the content to the right audience, and encourage users to subscribe and become loyal followers of the university.

When first approaching this challenge, we took a look at the existing channel and did a full analysis of it to better understand what was currently working and what could be improved.

In addition to improving titles, descriptions, and other items to increase SEO, we updated and edited the content to make them attention-grabbing. In doing so, we created a more visually appealing experience on the University’s channel.

While this was going on, we ran a 2.5-month campaign promoting specific videos to specific audiences to reach more YouTube users, increase awareness around the University and the stories each video was telling, and grow their subscriber base.

A message for the community of Florida


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