Press Release: Laurens Group Announces New Structure

Laurens Group announces new structure to better serve advocacy & corporate clients following the formation of Push Digital Group.

CHARLESTON, SC (January 6, 2023) – Laurens Group, a leading creative advocacy firm that leverages digital communication to engage, persuade and activate audiences, announces its restructuring following the formation of Push Digital Group — the parent company that offers specialized subsidiaries for digital campaigns — Laurens Group for advocacy, Push Digital for creative, Campaign Solutions for fundraising and CDI Ads for advertising.

Built on a foundation of a deep understanding of the digital landscape and decades of experience in crisis management and traditional media, Laurens Group is uniquely positioned to help navigate any situation that threatens brands or reputations in the digital age.

“The restructuring and siloing of Laurens Group will ensure unparalleled service for our advocacy and corporate clients. We want to clearly establish the difference between Push Digital, our political creative agency, and Laurens Group, a dedicated team of highly experienced professionals in both advocacy and corporate communications,” said Wesley Donehue, Founding Partner & CEO of Push Digital Group.

Laurens Group is excited to announce the promotions of senior staff. Christiana Purves will serve as President of Laurens Group and Phil Bailey will take over as Vice President of Strategy for the firm. Both carry more than three decades of combined experience in advocacy and strategic communications.

“As we continue to build out Push Digital Group, we will simultaneously transition our advocacy and corporate clients out of Push Digital and into Laurens Group,” says Donehue. “Our mission is to enhance the overall client experience and continue to provide exceptional services that help our clients tell their story, empower their audience and win the internet.”

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