Who Was John Laurens?

John Laurens was a true American hero. He was a South Carolinian who was fiercely patriotic, serving in the Revolutionary War and leading the fight for abolition.

Laurens was an idealist who believed that the republican principles the Americans were fighting for were hypocritical if they continued to utilize slave labor. He devised a plan to recruit enslaved people from the southern states into regiments for the Continental Army and emancipate them in return for their military service. Ultimately, he was able to convince the Continental Congress to provide 3,000 slaves their freedom for fighting against the British.

During the war, he was recruited directly by George Washington to serve as an intelligence officer in the Continental Army, becoming a beloved and dedicated member of Washington’s “military family” alongside Alexander Hamilton and the Marquis de Lafayette. Not one to back down from a challenge, he was well-known for being an aggressive and brave battle commander.

In addition to his impressive military resume, he also served as a Diplomat and, along with Benjamin Franklin, convinced the French to provide George Washington with money, naval support, and fighting troops.

John Laurens made the ultimate sacrifice for the values he stood for, dying in the Battle of the Combahee River in his home state, but not before he left an indelible mark on our history.

The Laurens Group was founded as a present-day embodiment of the spirit of John Laurens. Like our namesake, the members of the Laurens Group are proud to be strong vocal and effective defenders of the values—like inclusivity and freedom—that our great country was founded upon. 

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